Visit of the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement and co-chair of The Club of Rome

The founders of ES VICIS met with Mamphela Ramphele, in the framework of her visit to Switzerland, and agreed on lines of action to work in synergy in the coming years.

Mamphela Ramphele is a South African physician, anthropologist and politician, with 23 honorary doctorates awarded by prestigious universities around the world. She is a renowned anti-apartheid activist who began her public career in the 1970s. During those years, she was one of the founders of the Black Consciousness Movement. 

Since 2018, Ramphele has been co-president of The Club of Rome, an international organization created in 1968, whose mission is to “apply holistic, interdisciplinary and long-term thinking to ensure broader social and planetary well-being; move towards more equitable economic, financial and socio-political models; ensure an inclusive human dimension in all systems change; and exit emergencies.” 

The Club of Rome seeks to influence leaders to ensure a broader social and planetary balance. It aims to build on a foundation of 50 years of thought leadership and transformative vision of current and past members and to take into consideration new pioneering thoughts and pathways for change.

On July 1 and 2, Mamphela Raphele met with Cintia Jaime, co-founder of ES VICIS and executive director; Daniel Winzenried, co-founder of ES VICIS and chairman of the Board of Directors; and Johannes Matyassy, state secretary at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and member of the foundation’s Board of Directors. Also participating in these meetings were Carlos Álvarez Pereira, a member of the Executive Committee of The Club of Rome, with extensive experience in innovation and transformation processes acquired in business management, Daniel Unger, a businessman who has generously collaborated with ES VICIS for several years, and Michèlle Sandoz, a renowned entrepreneur in the art world, who seeks to interrelate art, activists and philanthropists to accelerate the necessary changes in this state of global emergency. 

During these meetings, possibilities of joint strategies were analyzed with the axis proposed by The Club of Rome to its partners: “How we emerge from the emergency”. In this sense, it was agreed to work together to promote the revitalization of rural villages and restore territorial balances in different continents.


This visit had repercussions in different media: