Vision and Philosophy


A world with rural regions full of vital and thriving villages, where every person, every family, lives in decent conditions, with work, health and education in a safe, prosperous and sustainable environment.
Collapsed cities reverting migration and becoming green cities.


Our Purpose 

To create planned migration programs to accelerate the development of rural villages with economic and social potential for sustainable growth.
To generate awareness and work out sustainable solutions for the population balance (number and distribution) and to foster cooperation across sectors to solve migration challenges.
To generate tools to make visible the business opportunities in the rural villages facilitating the establishment of new families and entrepreneurial activities.
To provide business and construction trainings to the heads of households.
To train rural communities that have difficulty in their economic and social growth, building their capacity to self-manage their sustainable development.



We support all human societies, independent to their race, culture, religious believe or gender.
We believe that “being part of the change” certainly will change the way of thinking and destiny of many people.

So, let’s s all spread the good word.