Opportunity in 4 Buenos Aires municipalities

The ES VICIS Foundation presented a proposal for international cooperation for the initial phases of Welcome to my Village in Tandil, Puán and Carmen de Patagones and to continue with the work being done in Pergamino.

ES VICIS continues to promote the program in villages in Buenos Aires, and is looking for key partners to make sustainable repopulation goals a reality. At the beginning of this year, a possibility opened up for it to request cooperation in the implementation of its Welcome to my Village program. 

Therefore, it started an ad-hoc joint work with institutions with which it had already been working in Buenos Aires municipalities to accelerate the processes started.

Pergamino, a municipality with which work was already in progress, joined this initiative. Also Tandil, a municipality that was approached as a result of the intention of the Chamber of Companies of the Polo Informático de Tandil (CEPIT) to take the program to that district. In addition, ES VICIS recently held meetings with the municipalities of Carmen de Patagones and Puan, which formally expressed their willingness to receive the program. 

More and more communities are willing to take a step forward to promote local and regional development and generate employment and roots.