“We launched ‘I Start My Business in My Village’ initiative.

On November 9th, the ES VICIS Foundation’s Scholarship Program for entrepreneurs was launched in Carmen, Labordeboy, Maggiolo, Murphy, and San Eduardo. This marked the inception of the ‘I Start  business in My Village’ program, aimed at continually integrating entrepreneurs into this network.

In our program ‘Welcome to My Village’, entrepreneurs take center stage. By supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, we promote the economic development of small towns, fostering local growth and community ties,” stated Mercedes Manfroni, Coordinator of the ES VICIS Foundation in Argentina, during the launch of the institution’s Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program. She added, “This contributes to our goal of fostering a sustainable balance between urban and rural areas.”
The training provided to more than 50 entrepreneurs from these towns included a Business Model Workshop and a Digital Marketing Workshop.
The Business Model Workshop was led by Romina Gleria, a Master in Business Sciences with extensive experience in training entrepreneurs, both at the ES VICIS Foundation and in other organizations. Gleria is also a professor at the Universidad Austral de Rosario. Participants were equipped with tools to efficiently manage their businesses, correctly identifying customer segments, channels, revenue sources, cost structures, resources, key partnerships, and activities.

During the Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program, we conducted a Digital Marketing workshop led by Cintia Cantero, an expert in areas like graphic design and social media. Over three days, entrepreneurs learned how to enhance their communication on platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp Business, and Facebook. They also explored tools to improve content, create videos, and schedule posts.
This workshop marks the beginning of an ongoing journey for our ES VICIS network of entrepreneurs operating in rural towns. We are committed to enriching this network with new opportunities and developments through collaborative efforts.
At the program’s conclusion, we gathered positive feedback through a satisfaction survey, highlighting the usefulness of the content, clarity of explanations, and expectations for future training. These testimonials validate our approach and help us measure the impact of our initiatives.

The comments received were positive, here are some of the testimonials:

“The most valuable thing was the bond and relationship that was generated with other entrepreneurs in the area. Personally, it has already opened the door for me to work with another entrepreneur in the program”.

“The practical aspects of the program, the hands-on experience…. It helps a lot to understand.”

“The practical aspect and the clarity in explaining the instructions.”

“I value everything, because it is a course that I was very interested in and I loved it.”

“All the information provided was of great personal interest”.

“This course motivated me to continue betting on a personal project or an idea to be realized”.

“I really appreciated learning how to obtain potential new clients”.

“Very good predisposition of the speakers and good communication skills”.

“The practical aspects, those that help us in the day to day, add to our undertakings”.

“That it was also by zoom, that the meetings were punctual and, for the most part, entertaining. The information was quite clear. It was very important that the classes were recorded. That we were able to ask questions and that the post-meeting question returns were answered very quickly.”

“I liked the patience in teaching”