Johannes Matyassy Appointed President of the Board of ES VICIS Foundation

Johannes Matyassy has been appointed as the new President of the Board of ES VICIS Foundation, in recognition of his pivotal role in the development of the foundation’s pilot project. He served as the Swiss Ambassador to Argentina and later became a board member. His contribution has been important for the growth and expansion of the foundation, especially during a pivotal period for the model’s development in other countries.

ES VICIS Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Johannes Matyassy as the new President of the Board, recognizing his pivotal role in the foundation’s development and growth. Since its inception, Matyassy has been a cornerstone, serving as the Swiss Ambassador to Argentina. His contributions were instrumental in fortifying the relationship with the Argentine government during the foundation’s pilot phase.

Subsequently, Matyassy joined the board of ES VICIS Foundation, leveraging his extensive diplomatic experience from various positions. His expertise became particularly valuable during a crucial phase in the foundation’s development in Argentina and other countries, contributing significantly to the success and expansion of its projects.

With his profound understanding of government affairs in the countries where we focus our objectives, coupled with his dedication to our development model addressing the urban-rural challenge, Matyassy brings a unique set of skills crucial to guiding the foundation in its next phase of growth and community outreach. The ES VICIS Foundation board expresses gratitude for the vision and leadership Matyassy brings to his new role and eagerly anticipates ongoing collaboration. Together, we aim to achieve a positive and sustainable impact in the communities served by the foundation while ensuring the sustainability of ES VICIS Foundation.