The resonance of the Pilot Project


“World Resources Forum” (Geneva 2017) Presentation of our Program and our institutional video.

United Nations, SDGs 11 (2018), conference and community on Sustainable Urban Areas (1-5 October).United Nations World Habitat Day (2017-2018) Updates of our program were shared at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

University of Basel (Switzerland 2019) “Showcase” of ES VICIS.

University of Salamanca (Spain 2018) Welcome to my village, social studies and presentations.

BBC – Argentinisches Tagesblatt – SwissInfo 


Banco Galicia Award for Rural Sustainable Development in the category of “labour promotions”.

Program of National Interest, petition signed by the chamber of deputies in the National Congress of the Argentine Republic.

Massive resonance in press and media

Ample presence on social media  with intense viral material 27.000 followers on Facebook.