Our Pilot Project

Argentina is positioned first in the ranking of countries suffering the rural-to-urban migration trend, it has 92% of people living in urban areas.  We partnered with the government of the Santa Fe Province with the help of the Swiss Embassy, and, we identified Colonia Belgrano, a beautiful small village of 1000 inhabitants, selected among 14 villages losing population in a vast region of 80’000 inhabitants, located only 150 km away from a 2 fast growing cities.

“Numbers has an important story to tell, and we would like to make sure that you envision with us what this numbers mean.”

20’000 families applied to move to Colonia Belgrano. Only 20 families were sought.

A village that for decades had been losing population increased its population by 10% in 1 year .

With our program, the families went from informal self-employment in the cities to entrepreneurial best practices. In a period of 3 years 15 families established 23 new businesses in Colonia Belgrano, employed 26 neighbors from the village and the region, and created 7 new associations.

7 more families with own resources (they did not need loans) and with not direct support of our team were attracted to move in the first year. Having concluded the pilot 27 more families are currently receiving support to move to the pilot village, they will rent,  buy a house or land and establish their businesses.

The Santa Fe government invested funds to build 20 homes in the village. Our families owns this homes (which partially built themselves) and payback loans in a 20 years period. Before finishing the pilot, the government proposed new villages and committed to build 60 more homes to repopulate them.

Last month, 240’000 people reacted to our “Bienvenidos a mi pueblo”  fanpage facebook publication “Molise Region in Italy, offers you support to migrate”.