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The news regarding the move of the first families to Colonia Belgrano and the establishment of their new entrepreneurships has generated a massive response and great interest from the most important media in Argentina.

In Colonia Belgrano, the pilot project that can serve as model worldwide has shown that, through the cooperation program established by the ES VICIS Foundation, rural exodus can rapidly be reversed.

Within a short few months, thanks to the program “Welcome to my village”, the repopulation of this village has become a reality. Indeed, Colonia Belgrano’s population is increasing by 10% and the village can integrate 49 children in its until now half empty schools. The village will also offer a wider range of products and services that were insufficient or lacking. This community’s dream to bring the village to life again is no longer utopia. Its inhabitants are celebrating both the yearly “Bricelet Festival” in memory of the foundation of the village with the arrival of Swiss settlers as well as this year, the move of the new families under the program.

Since its inception, the program (April 2016) has offered opportunity and hope to thousands of families wishing to fulfil their dream of moving out of the large urban centres where because of lack of means, they are trapped, and face insecurity and marginality.

Against all predictions announcing the disappearance of villages and rural life, sustaining only cities can offer business and job opportunities and the planet’s destiny is for populations to live in desperate and crowded conditions, the ES VICIS program has proved that families from the cities aspire to a better quality of life, and have a dream of living in peace and security in a village. And if given the opportunity to develop their business their dream can come true. Since the beginning and now as the results of the pilot project are being disseminated throughout the country, thousands of families have sought information and registered under the specially created webpage:

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