A new narrative about migration

“People live where they can, not where they want.”

“We are caught in big cities and can’t see a way out.  When you are desperate you follow a trend. My family move to the city in search of a better opportunity, but we found none.  I am now happy here in the village , I grew as a person, my kids are free, every morning I open my window , I feel the wind on my face and see nature. ”

 Vicky Ubeda – migrant family.

“The future is not in the cities, but in small rural villages. ”

“We supported this Swiss initiative in the pilot and will replicate the model in other small villages.”

Miguel Lifschitz, Governor of the Santa Fe Province, Argentina

“Rural communities want and can grow”

“The visibility of opportunities this program brought to our village, gave an impulse we could have not achieved alone, even in 20 years. I am confident that in 20 years more we will really see what it means”

Javier Bosio, Communal President of Colonia Belgrano

“We are all in search of paradise”

“WE, as individual persons in this human family, have migrated in the past, migrate now, and will always migrate in search for work in a peaceful environment, for a better future for ourselves and our loved ones.”

Cintia Jaime – founder of the ES VICIS Foundation