We build a future without walls

These photographs visualize the most common reaction to the challenges of migration: personal self-defense and building physical divisions. Both situations represent the forced migration of families.
Above, internal migration, for economic reasons, leaves families in disadvantaged conditions, marginalized and without prospects.  The one below also shows forced migration (at least 60% for economic reasons), in a humane and valid attempt to seek a better future in another continent since their voices have not been heard in their country of origin. 

According to figures published by the European Commission, 6 out of 10 immigrants to Europe cross borders for economic reasons. Desperation and new international walls

The challenge of internal and international migration is linked. The image below only exposes the problem on another international scale.


(picture 1) SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, 2005. The Paraispaolis favela (Paradise City shantitown) borders the affluent district of Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Foto: Tuca Vieira)

picture 2: https://www.mercatornet.com/mobile/view/the-migrant-crisis-and-hungarys-tormented-past