Word Resources Forum shows the ES VICIS film “Welcome to my Village” – Geneva 24 & 25 October 2017

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ES VICIS Foundation seeks to encourage people to reflect on how existing resources in small villages around the world can be better harnessed and to demonstrate that the sustainable repopulation of the villages is possible. Indeed, such a repopulation benefits not only the villages and families, but can also contribute to the reducing current and future investment allocated to achieving sustainable cities.

The participation of ES VICIS in the World Resources Forum (Geneva, 25 October 2017) was a unique experience.

Among the public attending to watch our video and be part of the discussion there were experts in different areas in resources.

The film was applauded and the discussion offered the possibility of deepening the idea and working on possibilities to implement it in different countries and continents from where they came from.



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Welcome to My Village

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