Colonia Belgrano takes concrete steps towards the repopulation of its village

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On last November 5th, the selected enterprising families that are part of the pilot project driven by the ES VICIS Foundation were invited to celebrate the launching of the training phase. The Communal President, Javier Bosio, the members of the Support Commission and other village residents gathered to take part in an emotional and unforgettable event attended by the founders of ES VICIS, representatives of the government of Santa Fé as well as the whole “Welcome to my village” team including the NGOs Responde, Contribuir, Vivienda Digna and ES VICIS’s coordinator.

The event that took place in Colonia Belgrano’s primary school’s covered playground was organised to welcome the enterprising families coming from the cities and the local entrepreneurs selected all who have committed themselves to participate in the trainings held during the weekend. The training sessions that cover topics such as markets, advertising, finances and guidelines and practical tasks, are geared towards providing the participants with tools needed to develop their sustainable business plan. A sustainable plan will allow families from the cities to settle down in the village and take on credits for the businesses as well as to build their homes. Families from the village will be able to develop a new entrepreneurship or improve or expand an existing one.


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