Personal Profile

Prename /Name
Cintia Jaime

Swiss Argentinean

Languages (spoken)
Spanish /English /German /Italian /French

Lawyer University of Buenos Aires, with a post-degree in NPO Governance Leadership & Management at the CEPS, University of Basel as well as a broad Education in art performances.

Social entrepreneur, artist and published writer, living in Basel since 1995. Founder of Tanzpalast Cultural Centre, directing her own tango-school in Basel since 1997. Developing numerous cultural events and festival of interdisciplinary and international character with relevant cultural impact. Since 2008, she works actively in social entrepreneurship in Latin America and Switzerland. Cintia is a co-founder of the "Fondation SapoCycle" and a founder of ES VICIS. Concerned about the migration to the megacity Buenos Aires, she researched about migration causes and ways of intervention worldwide. Beginning 2013, she developed and lead feasibility studies with nationwide foundations in Argentina to plan migration to rural areas. The experience acquired in that project named SwissVision, was the supporting background to create, with Daniel Winzenried, the ES VICIS Foundation. Cintia & Daniel led the Swiss-Argentine interdisciplinary Team, which created the first program for "planed migration", and shaped with Daniel and the Swiss Team the working model of the ES VICIS Foundation to reproduce the experience worldwide.

Title & Role at ES VICIS
Founder & Managing Director

M +41 79 345 93 13