We enable underprivileged families

living with school aged children in overcrowded cities

to migrate to peaceful small rural villages, 

and to establish their own businesses

that bring prosperity to the community. 




The Global Challenge


For decades, people around the world have been moving for economic reasons into cities, hoping for a better life that their home villages do not seem to offer.

As a result, today 54% of the global population lives in cities and, according to the United Nation, is expected to increase up to 66% by 2050. As a consequence of this mass migration we have witnessed the rise of mega-cities and fast growing  shanty towns, where these migrants, often living in precarious housing and lacking jobs, living day-to-day on a survival mode, are trapped in a cycle of poverty.  

A secondary effect of this migration is that rural villages, despite having the potential to expand and grow their economies, are often failing to develop because of a shortage of manpower, products and services.


The Solution


ES VICIS Foundation designs PPP cooperation programs, integrating key partners of different sector (civil society organizations, government, communities, private and public organizations) to promote and carry forward the planned migration of a group of underprivileged families with school aged children from the big cities to the small pacific rural villages.

The immediate outcome of the program is the improvement of the quality of life of families migrating to the village while fostering the sustainable growth of the village and filling the existing business niches and opportunities. Thus, the revitalized village, halts and reverses its stagnation and exodus.

The program allows the community to express its wishes and carry out its dreams of a sustainable and just development into the future.


The Pilot Project in Argentina


The first program, in Argentina, country with 92% of people living in urban areas, shanty towns with 30% of poverty, and alarming rural depopulation,  is named “Welcome to my village”. This pilot project is considered a huge success and got the national and international media attention. 20.000 families applied to move to a rural village when only 20 were sought.  The Congress of Argentina petitioned (April 2017) the declaration of the ES VICIS program as “Program of National Interest” aiming for the replica nationwide, and received the Banco Galicia Award for economic development in rural areas in Argentina (Ago 2017).


 The replica in Columbia and Bangladesh


We have started our feasibility studies (Phase 1 of our working model) in both countries. News are soon to follow!

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