Against the global mainstream and disbelief, our foundation developed a model for sustainable migration to rural villages

Before the pandemic, 6 million people were migrating to cities each month.

Pilot Project Figures


Families suscriptions to move to a village


People benefited from new services and products


people attendance to workshops in the village


Trainings and guidance to construct their own homes (20 houses)


New businesses running from the pilot village


new employment created for neighbors


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 We addressed 9 from the 17 SDG

The families that integrate into the program were underprivileged and now they have an improved income through their successful entrepreneurships and have become part of the community which allows them to develop their social and individual potential to the full;they are no longer underprivileged.

Overall health has improved substantially, especially in regard to the child population, where chronic illnesses have been cured. These illnesses were originally a result of the stress of living in underprivileged areas in the big cities.

The reception community and the family that have migrated receive education along the way as the program is carried out to construct their houses and to establish their entrepreneurships and to develop their projects in the community whilst being sustainable.

The program helps to promote gender equality, through women's empowerment.

The entire Program is sustained by the utilisation of the economic opportunities detected in the village and in the region and in the establishment of new businesses.

We integrate the rich of the country from the beginning into the solution of the problem, inviting them to provide financial support and generating awareness of the necessity of creating a balanced distribution of wealth form above, in order to build a society that is peaceful and has a socially stable future.

We create an impact in the big cities and in the communities reducing the population in the urban zones, propelling the growth of the small villages and utilizing the existing infrastructure.

Families move to peaceful villages, improving their quality of life immediately.

We base our work method on a solid model of public-private cooperation.

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